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  • Sermon Based - review the past week’s Sermon and use it as the base for the study and discussion.

    • Based on Larry Osborne’s Sticky Church

  • Participants are encouraged to come to worship service and take notes and/or listen to the PodCast 

  • Growth Groups meet WEEKLY in person or on Generation’s Zoom.

  • Led by a facilitator using the H.E.A.R. Journaling Method and other prepared questions.

  • Groups should be in between 60-90mins

    • Refreshments (if in Person) / Warm-Welcome (if on Zoom)

    • Sharing/Check-In

    • Study & Discussion

    • Prayer

  • Growth Groups select a service project a year.

  • Growth Groups also meet for a Social Event at least once a quarter

  • Participants will have a dedicated composition book formatted in the 

Generation Notebook Style

  • Growth Groups for 10-week cycles.

    • Members can elect to 

      • Continue in the group

      • I will be taking a break

      • Try another group

Adult Growth Group #1
Tuesdays @ 7pm

Led by Sister June Curtain

Youth Growth Group #1
Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Led By Sister Nia and Sister Tori 

GEN LOGOS 2021 (Desktop Wallpaper) (1).png
Men's Growth Group #1
Saturdays @ 8am 

(Local Eatery TBD)

Led by Pastor T.M. Curtain Jr.

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